Victorias Secret went Cruelty-Free?!

YEP! As of April 2021, Victorias Secret is Cruelty-Free, but not completely Vegan…

A step in the best direction for planet earth. Cruelty Free Fashion tank top. Womens style.

I enjoy a sleek, modest poppy printed easy flowing tank top 100%. Victorias Secret is stepping in the direction and became Cruelty-Free as of April 2021. Do we think this is great? As a vegan community, for a huge corporation to be stepping in the direction of less and less harm to animals and our and our environment, of course we applaud this decision! Do we feel that all companies should be 100% cruelty-free, yes, more than anything.

Are they Eco-Aware and confident enough to make the ethical decision, to go fully Vegan? Well, we will see!

Victorias Secret top: #ad

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