Vegan Vogue Does it Better, in More Than One Way <3

Updated: Sep 5

Cruelty free, Vegan. Say no more.

Cosmetics and beauty products that support our innately enhanced and natural beauty and ALSOOOO leaves minimal footprint, ANNND respects all life included in the process!

That’s what I call beautiful! Ilia is and has been one of my favorite beauty breads for years!

This lipstick, will hit the spot for sure, leaving you not only looking like your lips might just be a piece of art work, but also feeling great about supporting a brand that is as pure as it gets. <3


And you tie that lipstick with this other product that Ilia makes, that I have stood with for

years as well, and you have a naturally enhanced, perfectly cruelty free image!


XoxOxo Britney Klump

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