Rockin Rosehips, Cruelty-Free facial Serums I live by

Cruelty-free, Vegan Facial serum. Never lower your standards. Period. Just don’t. This vegan Beauty product is amazing! And it works! I was apprehensive to using OIL on my face for CLEAR skin, it just didn’t make sense according to what nearly all the mainstream, “marketing” and “brands” say. I soon learned, most of these mainstream products us acid and alcohol… which dries out your skin, then you have to use a moisturizer! Most of these products for clear, youthful skin are actually over time doing the exact opposite of what they claim to do!

Certain Oils are known for being natural disinfectants, cleaners and moisturizers. WHY NOOOOT let nature share its purpose and do what it does?!

This Brand is probably in my top 5 brands, this particular product lasts me about a year! NO JOKE.

It is moisturizing, naturally firming, and just amazing. And smells precious as heck, like roses <3

Facial Oil:


About once or twice a week after I shower, I apply 2 drops on my palms, and rub and pat my palm together then while my face is still warm and moist from the shower, I pat my hands on my face, leaving a dewy feel, this seeps into my skin after about 30 minutes, after 2 weeks of this (do a before and after for yourself!) you will notice and feel a huge difference!

XoxOxo Britney Klump

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