Plant Based Purses <3

Vegan leather purses! Plant based living, cruelty free fashion for all! Plant based purses, rave with style, durability and versatility. And we love them!

Tote bags, cross-body, utility bags, and sling purses. Plant based, cruelty free brands that pull together any look.

These are my go to purses, that literally last me years with no notice of use! Vegan leather, cruelty-free. beauty isn’t painful, especially to other creatures <3

TimBuk2 (Laptop): #ad

*** bottom Right

LoveVook purse set (everyday Purse) : #ad

*** top right, I use this purse for on the go work. It’s pretty much my office in a bag.

Montana West Large Black Tote Bag: #ad

*** I couldn’t find the exact bag I have online, I have had this purse for almost 3 years! I’m telling you Vegan designers don’t mess around when it comes to durability! Probably has something to do with its better for the environment to sustainable last longer, (wink wink) :) <333 The purse I did find is pretty similar, I like using my black tote for anything on the go if I need to bring more than just some make up and my phone.

SUGU LUNAR cross body purse: #ad

*** I love this purse a lot, I use it when I just wanna bring some cosmetics and my phone. <33

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