Plant Based Pits in Cute Outfits <3

Vegan, Cruelty-free deodorants that work! Womens care that keeps the earth and its creatures in mind!

We all love the pretty, classy girl… as long as that BO is under control!

Legit, it was a transition for me using all natural Aluminium free Deodorante. Most Deodorants have SOOOO many chemicals in them that they truly alter that chemicals of your odor! To be stronger, (ew) to be more resilient (grosssss) and ultimately, I had to reverse the resilience of my odor of my arm pits. Yes it’s true. I got so used to using such strong deodorants that when I changed over to natural deodorants they didn’t do the trick for the 1st week or so, then my body adjusted to not having to fight the chemicals of deodorants that weren’t all natural.

Now I’m fresh, natural, aluminum free (aluminum is deodorants has potential to possibly cause cancer and Alzheimers over years of building up in your body!)

These are my two go to deodorants;

Toms: #ad

North coast Organics: #ad

North coast has minis that are 1/3 of an ounce and i completely love them!, i throw them in my purses and gym bags, ugh just super convenient and I love the lavender, but there are so so so many scents, go check it all about!

When you wake up, don’t make your 1st choices ones that are actually harmful for your body! Love your body, I’ll help you <3

XoxOxo Britney Klump

Don’t make people hold their breath, only take peoples breath away 😉

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