Plant Based Butters do it Better 100%

Best Vegan Butters! Have them delivered and try them tomorrow! Top plant based butters, try them for yourself. A choice your body will thank you for (and your tastebuds) <3

I love me some butter, I literally have to make my own popcorn on movie nights so that I can douse my popcorn in a buttery soup. I love butter lol. So having products that are plant based for my body are a complete must.

These are my favorite brands and why:

*** Your whole body will thank me for this, <3

Land O Lakes: #ad

*** cooking on the stove top <33

Earth balance: #ad

*** Popcorn definitely 100%

KiteHill: #ad

*** Noodles and gnocchi mmhmmm :)

Country Crock: #ad

*** another good one fore the stovetop or in the oven <333

Miyoko’s : #ad

*** sad wishes or on toasted breads :)


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