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Updated: Sep 4

We all love looking and feeling great, no doubt. Finding products to fit into our standards is a must for me. From when I was in college we would go and eat fast food because it was “cheap” I soon started realizing I might be saving money on the front end, but what is this literal ew ew crap doing to my body and what’s it actually going to cost me in the long run? (Tear)

Vegan, Plant-based, cruelty free face products.

I do the same with my face now, as an adult, working, and working out, errands, and family, and all the in between, the last thing I want to happen is a lingering feeling of not choosing products that in the long run, don’t give me the results I want, and aren’t up to a standard that I personally feel good about. I might as well just give money away.

I am a firm believer in change up your products every 4-6 months or so, to keep your body, skin and vessel adapting and staying complex. A great product,

that I aaaahhh-dore <3



Generally a 2oz. Facial serum lasts me about 10 weeks, like we said cycling is in my opinion super beneficial in the long run. This serum above is mint (kisses)(mint as in, great, awesome, top of the line). Altering this one with the next one listed is a great routine that lasts me about 3/4 months.

The other of my other favorites (that’s under $10!!!!) is:


It feels very glossy/watery, leaving my delicate face skin feeling super refreshed and hydrated. its a staple.


Britney Klump

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