Eco-Friendly in the Office and in Class <3

Eco-friendly office supplies. Plant-based school supplies and office supplies for all. Affordable natural products for the office and for school.

We all love a well done product leaving minimal eco footprint, that’s cruelty free <3

I am in love with these products in my office! I can’t imagine using anything else, these brands and products not only leave minimal eco footprints, are cruelty-free and stylish… they ALSO are more affordable that mainstream products!!!!

How is that even possible?! Must be some sort of magical.

Agile Eco-Friendly Pens: #ad

(50 count for UNDER $25!!!)

Wheat Straw Pens: #ad

(30 count for UNDER $15!!)

Exotica Notebooks: #ad

(10 count for under $25!!!)

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