Cruelty-Free Souls, Love Your own Feet

Vegan, Cruelty-Free foot balm that leaves your feet noticeable softer after one use. Foot care for those who walk with a purpose <3 Light and fresh scent.

The part of my body that carries me throughout life, I will always take the time to honor my own feet. Soft, untracked feet. Using SpaRitual Vegan Foot Balm onnce or twice a week, makes a HUGE difference!

I hike a couple times a week, and use this balm on my feet once or twice a week, to soften and smooth my platforms that carry my whole entire being around the world! And it works, WONDERS. I stand by it!

Foot Balm: #ad

I haven’t tried their hand Serum, but I would imagine it is just as amazing as their foot 9balm! I’ll probably order it now that im thinking about it, ;) <3

Hand Serum: #ad

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