Cruelty-Free chucks?

Converse stated that their glues adhesives and canvas shoes are all Vegan and cruelty-free! However the shoes they make that us leathers, suade or wools, are obviously not.

Converse isn't completely vegan/Cruelty-free the company uses leather, suede, and wool in some of its products. Almost all Converse choose cruelty-free unless stated otherwise in

the product description or the product name itself. Canvas and rubber are two of the materials used for Converse shoes, both of which are vegan. Are we waiting for them to go completely Cruelty-free and be amongst the companies that supports a healthy earth instead of making profit OF COURSE, because we love their style and versatility!

I love seeing companies making decisions in the direction for the planet and its creatures for the future! My favorite style of theirs is their black on black <333 100%! GREAT for working out, outdoor activities (Boarding) I even wear them with sweet 1950 punk chill dresses. <333 Not only do I like their versatile style, they are super durable, now that I think of it, I wear them in so many ways that would wear out a lot of shoes, hiking, working out running and I have had this pair (pictured) since, July 2021! Over a year, and I am yet to see any wear and tear. So that is obviously another plus! +++ Now, CONVERSE… just go Cruelty-free completely already so I can LOVE you even more.

Black on black chucks: #ad

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