Body Oils 100% Pure!

Vegan Body Oils, Plant Based hair oil. Cruelty free oily and hair oils that we love!

The only way to go with oils if you want 100% pure, would have to be 100% vegan! Plant based body oils that are amazing! Pure body oils that are cruelty free! <3

I love love love using body oils! All the time. Especially after a shower <3

Mmmhmmm any dry skin? Just try this before you… don’t. Just like you would use lotion, but this doesn’t soak in right away, then I pat dry again after I use body oil.

You will love what this does for your body if you aren’t already doing this!

These are the ones I use and work wonders, pictured below.

Design Essentials Hair and body oil: #ad

Shea Moisture Daily Hydration Oil: #ad

Aura Cacia Sweet Almond Skin Care Oil: #ad

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