Alive n’ Active Style n‘ Comfort

Versatile womens active shorts, Modern, and comfortable! There are Under$30!? With pockets <3 high waisted and has me covered on every twist and turn!

Style with a smile, Affordable classy on the go style. Women who go from home errands, to a meeting, to out and about. Stylish shorts that truly keep you covered! This outfit takes you comfortably from your home office or house hold errands, to the gym with a change of shoes!

I have always been a very active human. Going from, my home office, to my studio, to the gym, to a meeting, to a date, to walking the park. I really flow. It is a must that the clothing I choose is flow as well.

What I love most about this outfit is, well the shorts are super stretchy, I don’t know how they did it but they are snug but sooo stretchy so I don’t feel like I’m encased in the high wasted band. They also have under spandex, so I can move in ANY way and I never feel like they are too short! The slippers, I mean WHOOOO doesn’t LOVE fuzzy criss-cross house slippers, I wear them to the grocery store and mall (shhh) oh and movies :) and the top, Is a classic staple, that I wear to the gym, under loose light blouses, under a blazer for work it is truly so versatile!

Shorts: #ad

Slippers: #ad

Top: #ad

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