SQUARE - Small cruelty free backpack with "Tartan" straps by FANTOME

Vegan Award 2018 Paris

A compact vegan backpack for a book, ebooks or iPad Mini, wallet and glasses.  With its adjustable shoulder straps you can easily wear it on your shoulder or it can serve as a convenient backpack. This small backpack is timeless and for those always on the move. It has 1 zip pocket on the inside and  1 on the ouside in the back for better security. Comes with six differents straps, here with « Tartan » straps.

This backpack is ideal for active people and perfect for hands-free travel, like biking around town.  The Square is really the It bag of this winter.  A light or even heavy rain shower will have no effect on the bag because it's made of naturally rainproof bicycle inner tubes.  Just pat dry with a clean cloth and it will be as good as new.

Material: Bicycle inner tubes 100% collected in France, straps are half linen/half polyamide.  100% vegan and cruelty-free.  Made in France.
Interior: 1 zipped pocket
Exterior: 1 zipped pocket
Dimensions : L: 19cm x H: 21cm x D: 8cm  
Care : wash with water and a bit of soap.  Do not use cemicals.

All FANTOME products are unique items, handmade in our workshop near Bordeaux, France.  All items are 100% vegan, made without glue and cruelty-free.  Each article is numbered and delivered in its individual cardboard box.


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  • Vegan bag, animal friendly - Durable and ethical leather goods Vegan bag, animal friendly - Durable and ethical leather goods

Vegan unisex backpack Square - bicyle's recycled inner tubes - Fantôme  

Backpack is always timeless and never out of fashion, cruelty free and vegan, perfect for those how spend their days running around, for people that go to work on a motorcycle or on a bicycle, to go to the gym, on holidays or while travelling. All this without forgetting about fashion and styl. The backpack is pratical, very confortable simple and yet assuring that everything that is important is kept safe. It can take a book, the wallet, glasses, iPad and documents, some even a laptop according to the size. The backpack can be worn on the shoulder or on the back.

Recycled bicycle’s inner tubes

Fantôme from Bordeaux uses recycled bicycle inner tubes recolted in the South-West of France, near to where they are used to reduce the transports. They are washed, plattered and after that the bags and smaller things are sawn out of the material. The peculiarities of the recycled bicycle inner tube brings variations of colors, inscriptions and presence of rubber patches. Fantôme’s produts are made without glue, cruelty free and vegan.

SQUARE sac à dos FANTOME tartan

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From Bordeaux comes the familiy affair Fantôme. They had the genius idea to make handbags from bicycles used inner tubes, collected in the South-west of France. The bags are not just modern and stylish but also very resistant and durable thanks to the inner tubes. The DNA of Fantôme is : not to produce something that does not last and will be replaced at the end of the season. That ecological idea of recycling goes even further as not animal suffering is needed, there is not even clue in the Fantôme products because they are 100% vegan and cruelty free.

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