After working for 20 years in the luxury fashion industry, Bergthor Bjarnason is creating his own online shop. He will bring together his talent and wealth of profesional experience with his personal ethics.
Bergthor's professional background includes working with leather goods for Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel in Paris. During the past four years he has managed Michael Kors accessories in the south of France which has been the most successful in France outside in Paris. In spite of
Bergthor's accomplisments within the retail industry he still felt he had more to offer.
Since his childhood in Iceland, he had always been interested in ecology and the environment. From an early age, he he would watch his mother recycling in the hoe and garden, long before the awareness of recycling.
Bergthor's growing concern in these later years for the environment and animal welfare caused him to make the decision two years ago to become vegan.
Berthor then realised he could combine his retail experience with his passion for the environment and ecology and so Vegan Vogue was born. On the 1st of february 2018, Vegan-vogue.com will launch a beautiful selection of vegan bags and wallets made from recycled materials. Bags and
wallets will be available for men and women who want style and quality without animal cruelty or damage to our environment.


Our partner Vegan France, French association for the economic development of vegan alternatives.

The online shop Vegan Vogue is accredited by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

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