Veggie World, what a wonderful world

This weekend Veggie World held its 6th annual exhibition in Paris, the largest sales and promotional show of the Vegan sector in France. Hundreds of manufacturers of all kinds participated in the exhibition which took place in the CENTQUATRE-PARIS, a multi-purpose artistic and cultural factory space in Paris’ 19th district. Over 7000 visitors were welcomed by more than 150 exhibitors and an enormous variety of innovative products produced without any animal products or by-products were on view, including cosmetics, food, wine, clothing and many fashion products.

Three of the 5 designers offering high-fashion vegan bags and accessories at www.vegan-vogue.comwere represented at the exhibition showing a selection of their designs at their respective stands and Vegan Vogue was happy to be among the thousands of visitors.

One could sample delicious chocolates, non-dairy vegan cheeses, meats and fish substitutes made without meat or fish, as well as vegan wine, beer and incredibly tasty pastries and cookies, all made without cream, butter or any dairy products. In addition to the many free samples served to visitors, most items were also on sale giving guests the opportunity to stock up and go home with food, drink, health and beauty products and other fashion items. And many did!

Virginie Barbier, founder Jean Louis Mahé, was present and showing the brand new camel coloured Zebra bag with champagne-coloured chain. Champagne’s gentle soft golden hue is easier on the eyes than the traditional regular golden metal color. Zebra is also available in blue or black with the same chain, and for the first time a choice of two colors in metal, depending on taste, silver or champagne.

CAMILLE, whose overwhelming success this fall, has led to some temporary unavailability in many of her most popular items, was also present showing her line of high fashion vegan handbags. Camille is working diligently to expand her men’s line as well as her overall offering. The popular “crossbody” model of small bags, is now available in a variety of new colors, as are the shoulder and side bag models. Camille is known for her use of vegan leather made of pineapple fiber.

The highlight of this year’s Veggie World event was when one of Vegan Vogue’s top brands, Fantôme, was announced as the first recipient of the newly created Vegan Award2018. Fantôme’s award winner was its new model backpack, “Square”. Square, comes with a choice of six different straps, from classical, with dots, "banana corners" and more. Fantôme manufactures its entire line of womens and mens bags from recycled bicycle tire tubes, collected throughout southwestern France. All materials used in Fantome’s manufacturing are 100% vegan and eco-friendly. Continuing with creative innovation, Fantome is introducing a new line of women’s bags as well as a new line of socks made exclusively of organic cotton.

Attended by more than 7000 visitors, the show was clearly a success, underlining the growing interest in eco-friendly and non-animal products, not only in the food and beverage industries, but also in the quickly changing world of high fashion. It is said that 45% of atmospheric pollution causing global warming comes from animal husbandry and as such a vegan future is a clear way forward in saving the planet.

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