Tips for making a decorative vegan storage box/planter.

Veganism is not just a diet but a lifestyle in itself, where every action undertaken is intended to benefit animal life and our planet, or at the very least, not be a detriment to either. The goal is sustainability and for this, recycling and learning to do with what you have is key. Here we will talk about how to construct a decorative storage box or planter without using any products harmful to the environment.

How to construct your wooden planter/interior storage box:

Firstly you’ll need 4 wooden boards of a similar size, a bit of strong coffee (instant will do) and/or some tea bags, a paint brush, some olive oil and of course your standard home tool case containing screws, screwdriver, drill, etc. Alternatively, you could also simply pick up an old box at a flea market and sand it down to a smooth finish before proceeding.

To start you need to build your box (that is if you haven’t obtained one readymade). For this, just drill and nail/screw your boards together. Now comes the fun part and for this you choose ingredients according to the colour of wood that you want to get as a final result. If you are starting with wood that is light in colour and you’d like a deeper/richer shade, use a cup of strong coffee and paint the surface with a brush. If your wood is darker or if you want to go only one or two more shades, you can use tea instead of coffee (infuse 4 or 5 tea bags in the cup). Let this first coat dry for a day if possible. In this way you’ll be able to see if the colour suits you and perhaps you may want to apply additional coats to reach the ideal result. Once the desired shade is attained, let it dry again for a day before applying a thin layer of olive oil. The olive oil serves as your varnish! It’s non-toxic, cheap and easy.

Finally, feel free to customize your new vegan box as you see fit, grow your basil or put away your socks, but know that in any case, you have an attractive, environmentally-friendly home element made with natural ingredients and totally vegan!

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