The first ever Vegan Fashion Week in Los Angeles

Is it surprising that next month Los Angeles will host the first ever Vegan Fashion Week? No, not really. Ecological awareness and concern for the environment, and indeed veganism, are flourishing in California, and far more developed than in France. LA is in the midst of a spirited evolutionary shift when it comes to animals. Last September, the LA city council voted to ban the production and sale of animal fur, joining a growing number of other Californian cities such as San Francisco and West Hollywood. And the year 2019 begins the official ban on the sale of foie grasin California. Californian consumers are also increasingly attentive to the welfare of livestock and animals used to commercial ends, including clothing, so it is no surprise that the fashion world is acting.

Rendering the fashion industry more ethical with respect to animals is simply the natural progression of things for this vibrant, trend-setting city. Hence the first 100% Vegan Fashion Week will take place in Los Angeles from 1 to 4 February at the California Market Center.

Appearing will be many brands specializing in vegan attire and accessories will be the established fashion houses as well as a myriad of innovation new designers focusing exclusively on vegan production. Visitors and guests will also be able to participate in several conferences relative to ecology and the vegan industry as well as new ways of consumption.

For the launching party there is no lesser personality than a 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner, Robert Lempert, who delivers the opening speech, which will talk about the environmental and climatic challenge. The French can be proud because this French Emmanuelle Riend, creator of the agency Le FrenchLab located in Los Angeles is the last idea of ​​this fashion week. During the 4 days of parade saloon visitors can also enjoy great vegan cuisine made by chefs from around the world. So when will vegan fashion week in Paris? For those who would like to know more here is the site link of the Vegan Fashion Week in Los Angeles 

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