Go for Stripe !

At the launch of Vegan Vogue in February 2018, the only means of payment proposed were PayPal and by cheque. There are many individuals who do not use PayPal and find paying by cheque to be too cumbersome and to necessarily incur unwanted shipment delays, and hence cannot enjoy the wide selection of vegan and eco-friendly leather goods at Vegan Vogue. 

With the added security features for online purchases now provided by the major credit cards, we now also accept American Express, Visa and MasterCard as of October 2018. These payment methods are provided seamlessly by Stripe, and online system allowing direct and seamless payment by credit card without leaving the website and making the check-out process quick and easy. Stripe supports credit card added security features, such as SMS text messaging to validate online purchasing.

Vegan Vogue does not differentiate or take any additional fees for using different payment methods, nor do we increase prices of any of the items offered on our site. Visit Vegan Vogue today and browse our large selection of our high quality high-fashion vegan bags and accessories.

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