1st Vegan Vogue Party !

On 27 September last, Jasmin Ranftl of Digital Influence Riviera in partnership with Vegan Vogue, the largest online store featuring animal-friendly bags and accessories in France, organised an evening of introduction and presentation of a selection of new vegan bags and handbags to a select group of bloggers/influencers.  And as attested by the photographs taken of the evening, they were clearly pleased with the introductions !

Five premier fashion monikers in vegan bags and accessories, namely Jean Louis Mahé, Camille, Paola Borde, Kweder and Fantôme, were showcased throughout the evening, in an elegant setting ingeniously designed by the niçois decorator Olivier Francheteau.  Consistent with Vegan Vogue’s philosophy, the decorator installed a vegan-leather fainting couch in the receiving room along with matching salon dining chairs, providing a perfect eco- and animal-conscious backdrop for high- fashion vegan maroquinerie.  

Continuing in the same vein, a Japanese red-rice tofu and cashew stir fry was served, followed by a homemade vegan deep-chocolate cake, of course with plentiful Champagne flutes for all.

The evening was clearly designed, at least in part, to create awareness of how animal and environmentally friendly materials can be used in the manufacturing of high-fashion items, replacing traditional leather-based materials.  The guests were delighted and amazed, at the beauty of the showcased bags and accessories. Many had never come in contact with vegan ‘leather’ goods and were quite enthralled with this first introduction ! (photos credit Loïc B)

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