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Altruistic Holistic Natural Lifestyle

Ever since I can remember, I was fascinated by different cuisines and flavors. Little did I know this fascination would leak and soon flood into every aspect of my existence!  My Step dad, was a 5-star Chef in college and used his skills in his adult life, sharing with the family how nutrition and flavor are what became to me, and art of life! It bled into my own exploration of trying EVERYTHING, to having more of a preferred pallet. I am more than ecstatic to share this way of life with you today. <3


Now tie that to my exploration of art and design, from living in Taiwan to Germany, Bangkok and Indonesia, and explored places in between, designing with top gown and clothing experts around the world! 

Vegan-Vogue is a platform to connect with a Healthy, Thriving, Plant-Based, Cruelty-Free Community! 


I share all the products, brands and more as an Amazon Associate I do earn from qualifying purchases. The latest and truly GREATEST brand and products that I have stood by and have been using for years! 


I went through a learning curve in my early 20s, I was Prada Proud and Burberry Blind, I was attached to brand names without any idea or awareness of my number one; the value of money and two, these products and brands don’t support my own core beliefs! This brought me to my journey, after over 5 years of Plant-Based lifestyle,  thriving through my life Vegan-Vogue was born <3


- XoxOXo Britney Klump 

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